Product Care

How to Care for your Clothing

Each clothing item is handmade to order. No two items look exactly alike, making each one unique and special. to ensure the life and quality of your product they must be cared for properly. Here are ways to keep your clothing looking its best for years to come.
  • Wash on Delicate Cycle- most of our sweatshirts and shirts have heat pressed images on them so it is very important to make sure you wash the garment inside out using cool/warm water on a gentle cycle. this will ensure that the image is not experiencing wear and tear inside the machine.
  • Air Dry- If the garment has an image/saying on it it is important to avoid high heat exposure, therefore hanging it to dry or using the air fluff setting in the dryer will ensure the image does not get ruined. 
  • Do Not Iron Over the Image- if you feel your garment needs to be ironed make sure you do not go over the image. This will cause the vinyl to break down and distort the image and therefore ruin the item.


How to Care for your Jewelry

Each necklace is handmade to order using Authentic vintage designer buttons or charms. no two pieces are exactly alike as we strive to keep each necklace unique! These pieces are assembled with care, however they are delicate and fragile and require the proper handling and care. To keep each piece looking its best it is important that the proper care be taken.
  • handle with care- each item is very delicate, please do not rough house them as they will break. be gentle with each piece as they are antiques, and keep out of the reach of small children.
  • Avoid water/keep dry- all of our pieces are gold plated, gold  filled, silver plated, or sterling silver. therefore, they can not be exposed to water as this will tarnish the metal quicker than normal. Do not wear your jewelry in the shower, pool, ocean, etc. it is also important to remove your jewelry before bed as sweat can tarnish them as well. when removing the jewelry store in a cool dry place to avoid moisture exposure. 
  • Clean monthly- if you frequently wear your jewelry, which we hope you do, it is important to use a jewelry cleaner to keep the items looking their best. these cleaners can be purchased as just about any convenience store. clean the item and let it sit to dry for a few hours and it will be as good as new!